[PD] droidparty's [touch] on 0.48-1 and "grid" like object in vanilla

Chris McCormick chris at mccormick.cx
Fri Mar 2 01:54:52 CET 2018

Hi Alexandre,

On 02/03/18 05:09, Alexandre Torres Porres wrote:
 > Hi, looking for a vanilla "grid" like object, a while ago on this list,
 > [touch] was presented as so. I tried downloading the abstractions from
 > http://www.droidparty.net/ but I couldn't run the object on Pd 0.48-1,
 > it just looks like a normal non graphical subpatch, anybody else get 

I had noticed this too - all droidparty abstractions don't work in 
recent Pd versions - but didn't yet find time to:

  * Make a simple reproduceable patch which highlights the change.
  * Do a git bisect to figure out exactly which commit breaks support.

My hunch is Miller or somebody changed something with the unsupported 
donecanvasdialog messages that those droidparty abstractions are 
(ab)using, but I do not have evidence for this yet.

Will report back here if I get some time to examine this.

 > anyway, the quest for vanilla like grid objects continues

If Pd's canvas object had the following property it would enable much 
more powerful GUIs to be built by non-developers: report all clicks, 
even in a GOP subpatch, even when not in edit mode.




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