[PD] puredata parameters into HTML5

Derek Kwan derek.x.kwan at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 15:18:12 CET 2018


I would have Pd talk to whatever's hosting your webpage using OSC.

I wrote a piece a few years ago that had SuperCollider (but I later ported
it to Pd) talking to a webpage I hosted on my computer via node.js via OSC
(I think I used the 'node-osc' library in
particular). So Pd talks to node via OSC and then node calls js functions
in your webpage's js files.

Then I targeted individual clients who connected to my page via soc ket.io
so I could pick out invidiual cell phones to trigger sounds on (but this
bit isn't necessary for the Pd -> webpage communication...)

I have the boilerplate from that piece abstracted out here:
https://github.com/derekxkwan/socketMusicBoiler . Haven't looked at that
repo basically since 2015 so not sure of the quality of the documentation...


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