[PD] bigger inlet/outlet size in 0.48.1 ...

Lorenzo Sutton lorenzofsutton at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 10:33:01 CET 2018

On 16/03/18 00:30, Derek Kwan wrote:
> Derek Kwan<derek.x.kwan at gmail.com>  writes:
>> oliver<oliver at klingt.org>  writes:
>>> even if "uniform rendering across systems" is definitely a worthy goal,
>>> are the bigger inlets really unavoidable ?
>>> no chance to at least hack a personal version of a tcl file to make
>>> them thin again ?
>>> i for one like the slimmer inlets waaaaay better.
>> I suppose I'm in the minority in the proceedings of this
>> thread,... but I actually like the thick inlets/outlets =) I've never
>> had the best eyesight (as evidenced by my ever-growing thickness of
>> glasses lenses over my lifetime) so I like things big and
>> high-contrasty (if anything, I could use another pixel-width thickness =P).
I actually agree with you, so not sure what percentage of the Pd Vanilla 
population that makes us :)
>> I suppose to due my differing opinion, I would +1 the option to change
>> inlet/outlet thicknesses, perhaps via TCL or .pdsettings.

I think that as much as I have always thought Pd's (vanilla) spartan 
graphics are a feature which lets you concentrate on the dataflow an 
forces you to tidy up at a certain point (plus gets you creative with 
certain situations), *some* visual features should be (easily) 
configurable including:
- font type
- base font size (although there is a problem with other people's 
patches there..))
- background and foreground colour
- inlet/outlet thickness
- signal vs message inlet/outlet colour
- ...

Ideally one day in the future the graphical part of Pd patches will be 
like an SVG (vector graphics)... Imagine patching in something like 
Inkscape and having a potentially "infinite" size canvas.... (But then 
maybe I wonder if that would lead to messier patches) :D

> ...
> The following have the original THINNER inlets/outlets (perhaps due to
> them being more "fullblown GUI elements")
> :
> number2 boxes
> radios
> sliders
> bangs
> toggles
> VU meters
> To sum up, everything in the first subdivision of the "Put" menu
> (besides comments which don't have inlets/outlets) have the thicker
> inlets/outlets, everything in the second subdivision has the smaller
> ones. Which is a bit inconsistent. Personally, I have a really hard time
> seeing those inlets/outlets in that second list, but from this thread,
> there are differing opinions to be had on the subject.
I can confirm this on Linux. One nice recent feature is the 'zoom' 
functionality, which makes everything much more readable especially on 
higher resolution screens. :)


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