[PD] error: delay: no method for 'open'

Andrea Simeoni andrea_simeoni93 at hotmail.it
Sun Mar 25 14:42:01 CEST 2018

I tried to make a patch that allowed me to acquire a MIDI note signal from AKAI LPD8 into my program, then execute a sound file according to the value of the note signal by using a ‘select’ object (that is: according to the pad pressed). The main idea of this program is to emulate the operation of mapping the controller MIDI – like you map any controller MIDI in Ableton, for example.

The value of the note signal is acquired by using a ‘notein’ object, then it passes through a ‘select’. In this case only the first pad of AKAI LPD8 should allow the execution of the subsequent ‘open’, ‘delay’ and ‘readsf’ objects.

When I press the first pad in my LPD8, I expect that a sound should be executed. Instead, I get an error message in my console: “delay: no method for ‘open’”.
I’m sure that I can send MIDI signals from LPD8 to Pure Data because I tested it by using different ‘bangs’.

I made this project in Windows 10. In Media > MIDI Settings I selected LPD8 as input device, also I selected ASIO4ALL v2 as audio input and output driver. Finally with Realtek I made sure that any audio file should be executed at 24bit / 48000Hz.

What does the error mean?


In Files.rar You’ll find the .pd file with the Sounds folder.
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