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Derek Kwan derek.x.kwan at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 13:27:46 CEST 2018

jlistshit <jlistshit at kliklak.net> writes:

> OT question: What other list might exist to discuss/exchange etc
> mostly the music that people produce with PD, rather than the
> technical details? Open to all styles here, though with a focus on
> generative, electro-acoustic, composition, not very IDM interested.

Hopefully not super-offtopic from the offtopic, but here's my experience
with finding Pd-generated work in vaguely social media/forumy oriented

Although not the most loved social networking platform in recent times,
there's an active Facebook group where people occasionally post things
they've made with Pd, including music, and I've posted new tunes
there...  I'd say a majority of the posts are technical help oriented,
but it seems to be one of the better bets for finding Pd-generated work.

The Pd Patch Repo forum has an "output~" section for Pd-generated work
but seems to be significantly less frequented.

There's a subreddit /r/puredata on Reddit that somewhat rarely has
Pd-generated works posted, most of the posts tend to be of the techincal
help variety, but the non-help posts are there...

I post things on SoundCloud and BandCamp I know many others do too with
the #puredata hashtag. Although not really forums, those are decent
resources to find Pd-related tunes.

Every now and then I look up the #puredata hashtag on various other
social networking platforms such as Instagram and Twitter and follow
other Pd users on there. Also not quite traditionally forum-y, but I've
found those platforms as good resources to see what other folks are
doing with Pd out there. I've been looking to branch out to other more
decentralized, open-source platforms like Mastodon and I think I found
posts with the #puredata hashtag on the art instance, but it didn't seem
all that active... at least when I checked.

These are the examples I can come up with off the top of my head
half-asleep at weird hours of the night. Interested to see where this
topic goes and what ideas/observations arise from it.. It's always nice
to find out what other folks are making with Pd...


Derek Kwan

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