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IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Nov 8 14:18:40 CET 2018

On 08.11.18 13:18, Joseph Larralde wrote:
> It seems I have some 64 bit issues with the [gbend~] object which deals
> with tables.

it uses garray_getfloatarray() which only works for 32bit systems.
you must use garray_getfloatwords() instead.
if you don't want to support Pd versions that have been released before
2007¹, you can unanimously drop garray_getfloatarray().


¹ don't know the exact date when garray_getfloatwords() was introduced.
but it's already present in the very first commit in the git repository
on 2007-08-01.

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