[PD] Faustgen~, 2 problems clicking object to open dsp files

Nakul Tiruviluamala ntiruvil at ucsd.edu
Fri Nov 16 03:32:50 CET 2018

Hey guys,
I am having 2 problems getting Faustgen~ to open a text file when clicking.

My first problem involves getting faustgen~ to recognize my preferred text
editor. Despite changing the file associations on my machine to use Atom to
open dsp files, clicking the object results in TextEdit opening the dsp

My second problem is that the clicking functionality to open the text
editor only works when the dsp script is in the default directory.
/Users/<user>/Documents/PD/externals/faustgen~/examples folder, but it
doesn't work when the script is in another directory.

Am I missing something obvious on how tor rectify the situations?

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