[PD] Deken - question / feature request

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Dec 12 10:46:04 CET 2018

On 11.12.18 19:33, João Pais wrote:
>> the "deken" cmdline utility has such a feature:
>> $ deken install -r requirementsfile.txt
>> however, most people will not have the deken-cmdline utility readily
>> available, so you may find it it of limited use.
> is that command line available in all OSs including windows?

but again: it's a tool, which you must run from the command-line. you
probably will need to teach your average windows user how to open (and
use!) a terminal before they can start using it.

>> apart from, that there's the deken repository where you can file feature
>> requests, and look for/comment on older ones such as [84].
>> i don't think it is too complicated to add such a feature to the
>> deken-plugin (in principle), but it has to be well thought-thru (as the
> yes, unfortunately I can't do much except pd programming (and testing).

i was not asking anybody to learn tcl/tk and implement that feature.
"thinking through" is mostly about how this feature actually should work
in the user-interface, things it should do and things it should not do.
"thinking through" is something everybody can do who can imagine the
requested feature. since you raised the request, i think you qualify.

desire-data once had this "do what i want" menu-entry that would do
whatever you wanted. that's a prime example of what you can achieve by
thinking things through.


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