[PD] trying to set up OSC between Unity and PD via [netreceive] or [iemnet/udpreceive]

Scott R. Looney scottrlooney at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 08:40:13 CET 2019

hey folks, i'm trying to set up a OSC communication between Unity and PD.
the eventual goal is that an iOS app will be sending data to PD to control
various parameters. this isn't a libpd issue as i do not want to run a PD
patch in Unity. i only want the remote communication.

so far i've tried Kalimba which works perfectly with [netreceive] in the
Unity Editor. it looks like this is because it uses TCP and not UDP for its
connection. however due to its age (6 years or so)  the resulting Xcode
project does not build correctly. i'm assuming it's likely an old libpd
issue, but not sure.

so, i've tried a few other OSC Unity based projects and none of them work
with [netreceive] in any way (including in UDP mode). i did find a few that
work with [iemnet/udpreceive]. one of them had a demo Max patch with their
[udpreceive] which worked fine. trying that same patch in PD however, made
all the data print out as integer ASCII values rather than Unicode text
characters. i tried two other Unity OSC projects and they behaved the same

so, at the least, i need a convenient way to change all the ASCII integer
numbers in a data stream to ASCII characters. ideally i'd love to have a
Unity OSC demo that can send data to PD reliably, using TCP or UDP. any
help appreciated!
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