[PD] trying to set up OSC between Unity and PD via [netreceive] or [iemnet/udpreceive]

Dan Wilcox danomatika at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 17:43:42 CET 2019

In addition, see mrpeach-to-vanilla-osc.pd in https://github.com/danomatika/BangYourHead/tree/master/6.Communication <https://github.com/danomatika/BangYourHead/tree/master/6.Communication>

I created it to understand the design differences and now I much prefer the built-in functionality using a couple abstractions in my rc-patches <https://github.com/danomatika/rc-patches/tree/master/rc>

n_oscformat - convenience wrapper for oscformat (sets the address from the first list item like [packOSC])
n_oscreceive - convenience wrapper for netreceive & ocparse
n_oscsend - convenience wrapper for netsend & oscformat

I think using [route] with the osc messaging is great. :)

Maybe I should add this to the wiki. Perhaps we need to make an expanded Pd-Extended to "new vanilla" transition guide...

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> OK thanks Christof! [oscparse] seems to do the trick, and formats it as a
> list that i can break up. and it seems i have [netreceive] working properly
> after all, so that was my error thinking it was broken. it is a bit picky
> and seems to work better if i send it a message as to what port to listen
> to rather than defining it as an argument initially.

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