[PD] SysEx In issue

Mario Buoninfante mario.buoninfante at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 12:31:59 CET 2019


Not too long ago I wrote here reporting an issue with receiving SysEx
When Pd receives a big quantity of SysEx, the MIDI IN port 'gets stuck' and
then you need to go to 'Media->MIDI settings...' and re-select the port,
otherwise no MIDI messages will be received anymore.
Here's a video that shows the issue:
it's a private video, the pass is: sysexissue
Does anybody know what could cause this behavior and if it's possible to
'fix it'?
The first time I reported it, it was when I stumbled on this using my
personal Linux machine and Miller Puckette suggested to change the MIDI
buffer in the source code, but unfortunately also setting that to something
insane like 2^20, the issue was still there.
Now I double checked on MacOS Sierra and Windows 10 and it is the same.

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