[PD] Pd & massively multi-channel wi-fi speakers

Kerry Hagan klhagan at gmail.com
Sun Feb 17 12:48:43 CET 2019

Hello all,

Has anyone used wi-fi speakers with Pd? 

More importantly - I would ideally like to send 30 independent audio channels to 30 battery-powered wi-fi speakers (in the same room)

I’ve never used any wi-fi speakers for anything at all, and I’m finding it hard to see how they are connected without some proprietary software made by the usual suspects. I’ve scoured eBay, Amazon, Curry’s without being able to answer my own questions.

And, best I can tell, the most flexible assignable speakers cost in the 100s or 1000s of USD/EUR

I’ve got a budget of a couple 100 euros at best.

Any advice or pointers are welcome.



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