[PD] Gem on Arch Linux (was: Gem / [pix_movie] trouble: "no movie decoding backends found")

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sun Feb 17 23:46:22 CET 2019

On 2/16/19 9:52 PM, Carlos Franke wrote:
> With some adjustments (mostly renaming dependencies), I managed to
> install Gem 0.94, 0.94_pre1 and 0.93.3 from Debian packages on my
> system this way. However, with 0.94 and 0.94_pre1, when I create a
> [gemwin], I get runtime errors about "gemdefaultwindow.pd" and
> "gemdefaultwindow.pat" not being found. (gemwin.pd is found and the
> [gemwin] objected appears as if created correctly in the graphical
> interface.)
> Indeed "gemdefaultwindow.pd" is not packaged with Gem 0.94(_pre1> instead there is "gemdefaultwindow-glx.pd"[2], but Pd/Gem still seems to
> search for it. Any ideas why?

it is packaged fine, but not as a file but as a symlink that is created
at installation time, or whenver the admin chooses to enable a different
default window using the "update-alternatives" mechanism.
so on most Debian machines, you will have a "gemdefault.pd" symlink that
points to "gemdefaultwindow-glx.pd"

i am not surprised, that a simple repackaging tool does not catch this.

> The Gem 0.93.3 package, however, does have gemdefaultwindow.pd, which

do not fuddle wit 0.93.3; even less so with binaries from this release!


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