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michael strohmann itsnotfair9 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 10:21:46 CET 2019

good morning, 

is it possible to automatically restart pd (or the computer) whenever i get 
watchdog: signaling pd 

in other words: what would be the proper way to monitor a linux system and act upon e.g. CPU usage greater than xy% ?
does anyone have experience with ps-watcher?
http://ps-watcher.sourceforge.net <http://ps-watcher.sourceforge.net/>

i need help understanding this description of the pd-watchdog

s_watchdog.c is the source of pd-watchdog, which was spawned in sys_startgui(). pd-watchdog monitors its stdin for any input, timing out after 5 seconds if nothing was received. In this case it kills pd with a SIGHUP, but normally it will continue looping as long as characters are received from pd' at a rate of at least one every 5 seconds. So if pdtk_watchdog calls pd every 2 seconds and glob_watchdog() sends a CR each time through the pipe, everything runs smoothly.  

"pd-watchdog monitors its stdin for any input” does this also work if i start pd with -stderr >2/dev/null ?
is the fact that i run pd as superuser responsible for pd NOT beeing killed by SIGHUP ?
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