[PD] 'Find externals' under Wine

Roman Haefeli reduzent at gmail.com
Wed May 1 14:50:54 CEST 2019

On Tue, 2019-04-30 at 09:54 +0200, IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
> On 29.04.19 19:23, Roman Haefeli wrote:
> > I
> > wonder if extracting fails because the downloaded file is renamed:
> > 
> > osc[v0.2~git20181006](Windows-amd64-32).dek ->
> > osc[v0.2~git20181006](Windows-amd64-32).dek.zip
> > 
> > Somewhere a .zip extension is appended to filename, .zip files end
> > up
> > with .zip.zip.
> in any case, the file should be renamed back to the original name
> after
> the unzip attempt (whether successful or not), so i wonder why you
> see
> these files in the first place. (the time window where the .zip
> extension is present should be pretty small for a failing unzip
> attempt;
> it should definitely be gone once the exploder is fired up)

Yeah, my report was with Pd 0.49 and the original deken that comes with
it, but after installing wsh57 with winetricks.

With the updated deken-plugin.tcl (0.5.2), I get the behavior you
describe. When extracting fails (it still does under Wine), the user is
prompted with necessary instructions.

I think this is a nice addition to Deken. Thanks for your work.

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