[PD] brainstorming on algorithmic melody generation

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I think we may be blurring the line between algorithmic and generative here (perhaps the line is not clear to begin with), but you should definitely check out Context: https://youtu.be/oHnRsi3saXI. It's very good at handling Markov chains and doing the sorts of things that Chris is describing.

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Cool, thank you very much, Thomas!

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Hi Jakob,

On 12.03.19 18:36, Jakob Laue wrote:
> Hello!
> For a university project I want to develop a melody generator which has
> to transform a colloquial input (e.g. happy) into a melody which clearly
> represents this input.
> I am currently reading and looking for literature ..
> What is your experience with algorithmic sound/melody generation in Pd?
> Do you know any algorithms? Have you heard of something or somebody who
> is doing a lot with algorithms in Pd?

there is a blog for algorithmic composition that explains basic concepts
with Pd, e.g. Markov chains:

I was also playing around with ideas for an app, maybe my notes and my
Pd code can help you:

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