[PD] font issues - once again ...

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Wed Sep 11 00:03:22 CEST 2019

> I just figured out it is not related to the HiDPI detection, not
> directly at least. Ubuntu 18.04 comes with Gnome and in the display
> settings scaling is only provided in steps of 100%, 200%, and 300%.
> 200% is too large, 100% a bit too small, that's why I went for 100% and
> 'Large Text: enabled' in 'Universal Access'. It's the 'Large Text:
> enabled' setting that makes Pd menu and iemgui font sizes larger. When
> I disable that, your test patch looks consistent with your Debian
> Buster, Windows and macOS version.
> XFCE is also based on GTK+, maybe you find a similar setting in your
> control panel?

Roman, thanks a bunch, you really pointed me in the right direction !

the bad guy was "Custom DPI Setting" in the "Settings/Appearance/Fonts" 
Section of XFCE.
This setting overrides the monitor resolution with a custom DPI size 
that seemingly also distorts the spacing of fonts, at least for PD's 

Disabled it ... now the test patch looks the way it should !

Case (almost) closed ! (at least for me, at least for now)

This probably should be mentioned in PD's README, so people know where 
to look for possible culprits concerning font issues.

best & mille grazie again !


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