[PD] Patching in Linux - the "sweet spot" ...

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Fri Sep 13 13:46:41 CEST 2019

On 13.09.19 12:55, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:
> In Linux I think Pd is using the 'unavailable' X cursor in some way when
> you hover on an outlet, and it assumes it will look like a circle such

nah, this is wrong.

Pd (when hovering over an inlet/outlet sets the cursor to "circle"
it does so in tcl/pd-gui.tcl, via

> set ::cursor_editmode_connect "circle"

this is btw the answer to oliver's original question: one easy way to
change the appearance of the mouse-over-iolet cursor is by setting the
"::cursor_editmode_connect" to some other value, e.g.

> set ::cursor_editmode_connect "plus"

(using a gui-plugin; if you just want to play around the
tclprompt-plugin is probably best, as you can then just type the line
above into the prompt and see what it does).

check out the list of available cursors at

now the problem is that once upon a time, when those available cursors
where defined (and that's not a Tcl/Tk thing, it goes much deeper),
people had a lot of fun defining cursors like "coffee_mug", "sailboat"
and "shuttle", but unfortunately failed to add proper definitions as to
what those should actually be used for (those were the times before
"semantic" was getting big).
later generations - rather than extend the already large set of cursors
with something more semantically defined - would start to abuse the
given cursors and add non-obvious meanings to them.
that's how the "circle"-cursor became that "arrow with a no-entry sign"
in some themes.

find a different cursor theme (as peter suggested), and the cursor might
look saner.


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