[PD] pd~ and rpi

iftah gabbai ift.gab at gmail.com
Sun Sep 15 18:30:40 CEST 2019

hello list, its my first email ever so i really hope i do the guidelines

i tried searching the list and google and couldn’t find too much info so i
try here: im attempting to use (pd~) in a patch in order to use multicore
processing on my rpi 3b+. it works fine on my mac using pd 0.50 but does
not seem to work on my rpi running strech lite headless and pd 0.47. the
closest i got is to get it to print info out of stdout and this is
happening only when i start the dsp in the sub process which kinda
contradicts the documantaion. i tested also using atest patch which is just
an osc~ connected to a dac~ in the sub process but still no luck. i wonder
if anyone ever got this to work? is it related to 0.47 and should i go thru
the trouble of compiling / installing a newer version since 0.47 is the
latest version available for strech lite as far as i understated?

thank you very much
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