[PD] pd~ and rpi

Max abonnements at revolwear.com
Mon Sep 16 12:35:52 CEST 2019

I remember this bug.
if you want to use pd~ to for example render a GEM patch you need to 
switch on dsp in the subprocess at least for a moment. A simple

  pd dsp 1(

[delay 1000]
  pd dsp 0(

in the subprocess will make it work.
I'm not sure if or when this was fixed, but I think it was at some point.

On 15.09.19 18:57, iftah gabbai wrote:
> hello list, its my first email ever so i really hope i do the guidelines 
> justice, i just missed the part about the gmail issue so chaned my 
> adress to @googlemail , apologies if u got this email twice :)
> i tried searching the list and google and couldn’t find too much info so 
> i try here: im attempting to use (pd~) in a patch in order to use 
> multicore processing on my rpi 3b+. it works fine on my mac using pd 
> 0.50 but does not seem to work on my rpi running strech lite headless 
> and pd 0.47. the closest i got is to get it to print info out of stdout 
> and this is happening only when i start the dsp in the sub process which 
> kinda contradicts the documantaion. i tested also using atest patch 
> which is just an osc~ connected to a dac~ in the sub process but still 
> no luck. i wonder if anyone ever got this to work? is it related to 0.47 
> and should i go thru the trouble of compiling / installing a newer 
> version since 0.47 is the latest version available for strech lite as 
> far as i understated?
> thank you very much
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