[PD] GOP drawing bug with scalars and z-order - test patch

João Pais jmmmpais at gmail.com
Sun Sep 22 23:43:30 CEST 2019

> Ok, I have now a better understanding of what your exact problem is. It
> strikes me that I never ran into this. I tested it by putting some of
> my own data structure stuff into GOP subpatches and putting those into
> other subpatches. It doesn't happen with the patches I tried.

it's also the first time I notice it. maybe it has something to do that
these scalars come from different templates (structs).

> Are you sure it's a z-ordering problem at all? I'm not saying that it
> isn't, but your patch illustrates that the arrays are not visible after
> opening the subpatch and that sending 'background <clr>' helps, which
> *could* be a z-ordering problem, but also something totally unrelated.

in this case it surely doesn't have anything to do with z-order, as anyway
scalars are redrawn (and go to the front) when something in them is edited.
sending the background message (as well as some others I prepared) only
corrects the problem, because the patch rewrites a value from the scalars,
so that they come to the front - it's not an "automatic" pd reaction.

> Have you tried to boil down an example patch that is much simpler, but
> still exhibits the problem?

it would surely help, but I'm not sure when I would have the time for it. I
started doing one, but then it didn't work immediately, so I put this one
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