[PD] stability of PD on Windows?

Martin Peach chakekatzil at gmail.com
Fri Sep 27 19:31:31 CEST 2019

On Fri, Sep 27, 2019 at 12:24 PM Christof Ressi <christof.ressi at gmx.at>

> > For me the audio is distorted unless I also tick "Use Callbacks".
> Really, even if you use an ASIO driver? I never had the experience that
> "Use Callbacks" improves things, on the contrary. Also, it's worth noting
> that with "Use Callbacks", the "delay" parameter doesn't do any thing, the
> latency can only be set with the ASIO block size.

I don't know which ASIO driver I'm using, maybe it came with the interface
(I selected "ASIO:Focusrite USB 2.0 Audio Driver" in the dialog). I tried
various delays with no callbacks and now I get no distortion with a delay
of 11 or more and block size 64. With Delay less than 11 the audio is
chopped up.
Without callbacks, I get clicks and dropouts occasionally if I do things
with the mouse. That's why I assumed it was the better choice. (Doesn't
audio processing always use callbacks anyway? Otherwise the program must
sit in a loop serving samples. What callbacks are these?)

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