[PD] Current status of HID on OS X and Windows?

Peter P. peterparker at fastmail.com
Tue Oct 8 12:16:27 CEST 2019

* Fede Camara Halac <camarafede at gmail.com> [2019-10-08 00:54]:
> The repo has a binary and it works on recent osx just fine!
This is good to head Fede. Which devices are you able to open and are
there any issues regarding permissions?

In my original post I was asking about 64bit Linux and 32bit windows
binaries. Thanks for your reply Jean-Yves, I managed to compile and load
the 64bit Linux binary myself by now.
Note that on Debian the current user needs to be a member of the 'input'
group to have permissions to read /dev/input/event* devices. I wonder
what would be the best way to give these permissions only to certain
devices, not all HID devices such as keyboards and mice but this is an
operating system question.

Out of curiosity, how would I compile a 32bit Linux binary? Is
this a matter of giving a simple compiler flag?

Would be terrific if someone able could produce a windows 32bit and
64bit binary! Rumors on this list say that Christof owns and operates a
windows compiler. ;)

Then this external could be tested on the three OSes, which is what the
hidio author seems to have intended.


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