[PD] Raspberry Pi: Loading Samples RAM problem

Giulio Moro giuliomoro at yahoo.it
Fri Nov 1 14:24:37 CET 2019

You cannot really "extend" the RAM of a board. You need a more clever way of loading samples. One common approach is to load only the beginning of all the samples in a table, and then whenever the sample is triggered, start by playing back the pre-loaded table, while you start reading the remaining of the file from disk with [readsf~]. Here is the code for such a solution: https://github.com/giuliomoro/dynamic-load-files-Pd

Jakob Laue wrote:
> Dear list,
> i have a little problem with my raspberry pi..
> I have built an eight-track sample player patch that runs on a raspberry pi.
> When the patch loads, it initially loads all the samples it finds in /home/pi/SamplePacks/SamplePack1, SamplePack2 etc..
> into RAM using the standard approach:
> - create two tables for each sample
> - read data into tables with [read -resize table1 table2(
> Afterwards I use [soundfiler] and calculate the frequency for [phasor] and so on and so forth.
> The patch works when I load a total amount of 500 gb into RAM.
> Today I tested to load 9 GB of samples and the result (obviously) is the pi crashing.
> I have tested on a raspberry pi 2 and a raspberry pi 3. Both pis only have 1 GB of RAM so it's obvious that problems arise trying to load 9 GB of samples.
> Do you have any hints or ideas how I could solve this problem? Loading from disk while performing is not an option (I think) because of audio pops.
> Do you know any ways to extend the RAM of the pi?
> Maybe you know of some other small boards like beagle or so that have more RAM than a pi.
> Thank you very much! Jakob
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