[PD] else download not found with deken

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sat Nov 23 13:31:52 CET 2019

Am 23. November 2019 11:01:22 MEZ schrieb Max <abonnements at revolwear.com>:
>Alexandre, I think you don't have to remove older versions, maybe it's 
>worth it to keep them for historical reasons.

not only.
according to alex, "else" is still inder heavy development and can (and does) break functionality/api between releases.

so if i have developed a patch on my windows desktop that depends on else-1.0beta60 and then want to deploy it to my raspberry pi for that exhibition on tate modern, and alex decided to release a new (or two) incompatible versions while i developed my patch, i will be left with no (easy) way to install (or just finf) the version i need (and 12hours before the show i dont feel like porting to the new version).


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