[PD] "hidden" console window

Dan Wilcox danomatika at gmail.com
Fri Nov 29 22:51:53 CET 2019

It's clearly a bug.

Are you using more than 1 monitor? There is a window positioning problem with Tk on macOS when windows are saved on a second display, then reopened when there is a single display and they are now "off screen."

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> ah sorry, forgot to mention. this is on OSX  10.14.6
> i am not at my computer right now, will post a screenshot later.
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>> Am 29. November 2019 08:24:09 MEZ schrieb Simon Iten <itensimon at gmail.com <mailto:itensimon at gmail.com>>:
>>> whenever i open PD i get a small vertical line in the top right corner
>>> of my screen which (once i maximize it by dragging with the mouse)
>>> turns out to be the PD console window. is that behaviour intentional?
>> could you post a screenshot?
>> which window-manager are you using?

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