[PD] writing to cyclone/coll takes a long time

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Thu Dec 5 13:24:25 CET 2019

On 2019-12-05 12:59, Jakob Laue wrote:
> But writing 60000
> rows with 10 columns into it takes round about 2 minutes on my
> machine, so that's obviously too long

yeah, thought so ...

> I was wondering, if one could do the process of writing into the
> matrix on audio~ level.

yes, that's probably a way better way to go. unfortunately you have to 
dig there yourself, as i have no experience in that. but it's definitely 

> Another idea for increasing speed was to use various [zl nth] objects
> from cyclone. One object for each column. I have not tested that yet.
> Thanks anyways for the hint on iemmatrix, I did not know about that.
> And with gem, I have not worked yet. I guess, I will take a look at
> iemmatrix first.

if you want to stay on the message side, yes examine them (iemmatrix 
objects). they're quite powerful.
since you seem to be experienced with MAX a little bit, GEM objects work 
similar to JITTER objects, the [pix_buffer] objects can read write 
matrix data like [jit.matrix], so that's possibly another way to go. 
just install GEM with deken and have a try at it. (i think you don't 
even have to turn GEM rendering on for that)



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