[PD] writing to cyclone/coll takes a long time

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Dec 5 13:37:37 CET 2019

On 30.11.19 14:00, Jakob Laue wrote:
> Do you have any hint why it takes that long to write 60000 rows into coll? Maybe we do something wrong or have missed some smarter way to write our rows into the coll matrix.

i don't know what you want to do, but if this is about "writing" (to
file), you could also use zexy's [msgfile].

some numbers (on an i7-7700, running Debian/GNU linux, 64bit)

- adding 700 entries: <1ms
- adding 6000 entries: <11ms
- adding 60000 entries: <50ms
- writing 60000 entries to disk: <150ms
- reading 60000 entries from disk: <130ms
- output next entry: <1ms
- seek to entry #20000 <3ms

outputting the "next" entry is O(1).
seeking to a position, resp, searching an entry is O(n).


PS: there's also a memory leak that ed.kelly discovered recently, that
occurs when dealing with long lines. need to put a new version online....

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