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Dan Wilcox danomatika at gmail.com
Sun Dec 22 23:14:26 CET 2019

> Where TF can I find them?

You are getting a good clue in the error message already which makes this easier.

In general, external libraries are distributed in named folders so "cyclone" comes in a "cyclone" folder. One way to explicitly load externals is to use the folder name *and* the object name in order not have to add each subfolder to the search path only the parent folder, so the "folder/name" layout in the errors is already cluing you in to the externals library names.

So looking at the creation errors, my guess would be:

> On Dec 22, 2019, at 9:12 PM, pd-list-request at lists.iem.at wrote:
> mapping/resample 100

The "mapping" external.

> zexy/makesymbol Firmata-%s.%s

The "zexy" external.

> comport $1 57600

The "comport" external. There is just a single object in this external, so "comport/comport" is redundant.

> moocow/string2any 32 -1

The "moocow" external.

> pddp/print

The "pddp" external.

> I can't find some of these legacy libraries anywhere

If you are using Pd vanilla, each of these is available via Help->Find externals (aka the "deken" utility). If you are using the Pd "Documents directory," they will be downloaded into ~/Documents/Pd/externals which will already be added to your search paths, so everything but "comport" should load without having to do anything extra. For comport, you may need to add ~/Documents/Pd/externals/comport to your paths manually.

I checked and each of these is listed. As we have said in previous emails, *most* of the final library builds from Pd-extended were repackaged for deken. In many cases, there are newer versions available as well.

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