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> What am I doing wrong to make these allegedly easy installs such a chore?

Honestly, I can't tell what you are doing any more.

We are about to leave for an early train, so I'll be brief.

# External Type

Pure Data external libraries can be composed of:
1. abstractions: reusable .pd patches
2. compiled: .c files compiled into either a .dll per-object or a single .dll for all objects
3. a combination of both

# Which "Pure Data" ?

All of my responses have been focused on using "Pd vanilla" which is the distribution by Miller Puckette. I cannot speak to using Purr Data or Pd-L2ork, etc.

# Which external versions?

If you re finding pre-compiled externals as .zips on predate.info, then they are most likely *extremely old* at this point, which is why they are missing objects.


At this point, I don't know which "Pure Data" you are using, but at least I know you are using Windows based on the MS Explorer screenshots.

First, I would also suggest trying Roman's suggestion of trying the newer Arduino external which only requires a single external library...

Otherwise, please try the following:

1. Download the Pd vanilla for Windows 32 bit from http://puredata.info/downloads/pure-data <http://puredata.info/downloads/pure-data>

2. Start Pd and Click "Ok" when it asks to create the Documents directory.

3. If step 2 doesn't happen, go to the preferences & open Path, then click on Reset for both the Documents dir and externals path.

4. Open Help->Find externals and install the libraries you need, one at a time (mapping, zexy, moscow, unauthorized) etc:

  A. Type the name into the search box.
  B. Click the newest version you see to download to ~/Documents/Pd/externals
  C. Repeat

5. Try loading the arduino patch

If you cannot run the 32 bit build, you can try the 64 bit build but not all of the older externals are available for 64 bit.

> On Dec 23, 2019, at 1:28 AM, henry birdseye <henry.birdseye at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanx Dan. You have come the closest to describing what's going on. I'm diligently searching for missing components, and have had *some* success.
> I found mapping on puredata.info. This has the files I need.
> Moocow is on puredata.info, too. But I'm pretty sure I need "bytes2any.pd" not "bytes2any.dll".
> <gamfpndlmjgflnop.png>
> Zexy-2.2.4 is missing makesymbol and unpack
> Comport0.2 doesn't have anything just named "comport," but does have
> <lmkngoafiggoepam.png>
> Cyclone appears not to have anything I need. For example, loading "arduino-test.pd" PD Vanilla reports "couldn't create cyclone/prepend"
> because it's not there.
> <ipippnbmlcikhfkh.png>
> Googles and site search for "pddp" come up with list of workshops and tutorials for Pure Data. No externals.
> So, now, running arduino-test.pd, the list of missing elements is much shorter, but still missing stuff.
> <gdhofaopelhegkem.png>
> What am I doing wrong to make these allegedly easy installs such a chore?
> Thanks for hanging in this far.
> Henry

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