[PD] font issues/questions, and also discrepancies between operating systems

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Fri Jan 24 04:14:57 CET 2020

and well, anyway, I know this is quite known, but we do seem to have
discrepancies between patches and rendering even with regular Pd comments
(that is, without using cyclone's comment). I can still see differences
between help patches. But just to be clear, the font of Pd's comment and
everything (objects, messages, number boxes/etc) is DejaVu Sans Mono and
this is installed and loaded as being exactly the same for all platforms,

Em qui., 23 de jan. de 2020 às 23:38, Alexandre Torres Porres <
porres at gmail.com> escreveu:

> Hi, I've been updating and fixing cyclone/comment and I realized Pd loads
> similar but different fonts depending on the operating system. I looked
> closely and, for instance, if you have a label font for a iemgui (such as a
> slider) with "helvetica", it will look a bit differently in Linux, and it
> seems this is because Linux loads a similar but not actually 'helvetica'? I
> don't know, I'm confused, I'm asking.
> So, it seems the only way to guarantee things will look exactly the same
> is if you have 'DejaVu Sans Mono', cause now Pd loads this very same font
> indeed for all operating systems, right? For that matter, I updated whole
> of cyclone's documentation so it loads 'DejaVu Sans Mono' for all
> cyclone/comment objects.
> Now a question about loading fonts that concerns cyclone/comment. If I ask
> it load a font name that it is not present, it will load some default font
> and I just don't really know which one it is. How can I find out? It seems
> this 'default' font is also different for each operating system. How can I
> find out?
> Thanks
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