[PD] How to share Pd.0.50 and Gem 0.94 for Linux ?

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Jan 30 20:50:33 CET 2020

Am 30. Jänner 2020 18:31:32 MEZ schrieb "Jérôme Abel" <abel.jerome at free.fr>:
>Hi pd-list,
>For Gem, the link from Deken is the sources 

how about: 
$ apt-get install puredata gem

> and when I compile it, the 
>size is 84Mo ... The last one was 17Mo. So I can't share it. 

the file-size is a quite interesting metric for sharing.
the Debian package of Gem is about 6MB installed size (give or take, depending on whether you want it for your Desktop, your RPi or your local supercomputer) and the download is ~1.5MB.
one trick is to `strip` the resulting binaries from unused symbols.


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