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Call for music (below) and papers (through conference website)
Oct 19-23 2020 @ KTH and KMH, Stockholm, Sweden

We now solicit entries for consideration for an online exhibition during 
the 2020 Joint Conference on AI Music Creativity (CSMC + MuMe).

Submitted works (video, audio) can be of any style, but must involve the 
use of computational creativity techniques. Examples include, but are 
not limited to: reproduction of musical style using machine learning; 
the evolution of musical structures using interactive genetic 
algorithms; rule-based systems; systems based on emergence or 
self-organization; systems that perform music data mining to create 
remixes, and so on.

Submissions should not be sketches but in their final format and will be 
judged on their presentability as an online experience. For an example 
of what kind of format the online exhibition may take, look at the one 
organized by the NeurIPS 2019 Workshop on Machinee Learning for 
Creativity and Design: http://www.aiartonline.com/category/music-2019/

Submission process

Please submit to maskold at kth.se (conference music chair):

•   a link to the work you wish to present (in its final form)

•   an A4-portrait PDF, up to 2 pages, describing your work and the 
system you are using, and explaining how it relates to the focus of the 

•   a link to any additional documentary material such as audio or video 
recordings, or online software before the submission deadline

Submissions should not be anonymised.

Selection process

All submissions will be reviewed by independent members of the music 
selection committee. Once these reviews have been completed the 
reviewers and the chairs will discuss the submission, and make a final 
decision. Reviewers will be anonymous to the authors, but not to each 
other. The final decision lies with the chairs, in consultation with the 

About the conference

The 2020 Joint Conference on AI Music Creativity brings together for the 
first time two overlapping but distinct research forums: The Computer 
Simulation of Music Creativity conference (est. 2016), and The 
International Workshop on Musical Metacreation (MuMe, est. 2012). The 
principal goal is to bring together scholars and artists interested in 
the virtual emulation of musical creativity and its use for music 
creation, and to provide an interdisciplinary platform to promote, 
present and discuss their work in scientific and artistic contexts.

The program will feature two keynotes, research paper presentations, 
demonstrations, discussion panels, and an online exhibition. Keynote 
lectures will be delivered by Professor Emeritus Dr. Johan Sundberg 
(Speech, Music and Hearing, KTH) and Dr. Alice Eldridge (Music, Sussex 
University, UK).

The event is hosted by the Division of Speech, Music and Hearing, School 
of Electrical and Computer Engineering (KTH) in collaboration with the 
Royal Conservatory of Music (KMH).

Conference chair: Bob L. T. Sturm, Division of Speech, Music and 
Hearing, KTH

Paper chair: Andy Elmsley, CTO Five Vectors

Music chair: Mattias Sköld, Instutitionen för komposition, dirigering 
och musikteori, KMH

Panel chair: Oded Ben-Tal, Department of Performing Arts, Kingston 
University, UK

Publicity chair: André Holzapfel, Division of Media Technology and 
Interaction Design, KTH

Sound and music computing chair: Roberto Bresin, Division of Media 
Technology and Interaction Design, KTH

Financial support for the conference comes in part from ERC-2019-COG No. 
864189 (MUSAiC: Music at the Frontiers of Artificial Creativity and 

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