[PD] Purr Data 2.12.0 released

Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 20 21:28:21 CEST 2020

Hi y'all,
Purr Data 2.12.0 has been released.


* vastly improved window sizing and scrollbar behavior. Now things
like the help patches with content that fits in the viewport should
load without scrollbars present. (thanks to Ico)
* show current text name (if any) in text editor for [text define]
* ported [text define] "send" method from Vanilla
* ported [text insert] from Vanilla
* ported [dac]/[adc] set method from Vanilla
* added French translation and improve German translation (thanks to
Albert and Joseph Gastelais)
* ensure plot traces remain in the bounding box of the graph (thanks to Ico)
* ported "symbol" method for [float] from Vanilla
* added "type hints" for errors wrt unusual or problematic Pd
messages. This includes
  * symbol atom which would be parsed as a float if found in a Pd file
  * same thing but with symbol messages, e.g., "symbol 43"
  * empty symbol messages "symbol"
  * empty symbol selector ""
  * null selector
  * symbol atoms/messages with weird "floatlike" data that would
underflow/overflow if loaded by a Pd file.
* ported "send" methods from Vanilla for [int], [float], and [value]
* document the "tempo" messages for relevant objects
* fixed a crasher with pasting from Pd patch file (thanks to Ico)
* fixed a long-standing crasher where editing an open GOP window would
hide everything except the patch cords under certain circumstances
* an object/gop being edited now has the same size as one that isn't
being edited (thanks to Ico)
* fixed keyboard shortcut for dropdown that caused problems for some
keyboard types (thanks to Albert)
* fixed ggee/image border selection when on GOP
* fixed long-standing bug with route where a bang wouldn't get sent to
the reject outlet
* fixed bug where nested gops erroneously showed a selection rectangle
* fixed a crasher with resizing a nesting GOP when dragging with the mouse
* custom scrollbars from Pd-l2ork 1.0 (thanks to Ico)
* increased gatom character width to 160
* fixed off-by-one problem with iemgui label positions
* fixed bar graph display when graph has its own window
* made a larger hitbox for xlet connection for easier patching (thanks to Ico)
* make default CSS match pd-l2ork 1.0 style
* different, "greyed-out" style for inlet hover (as an inlet can't
begin a connection with a mouse, but an outlet can)

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