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Mario Buoninfante mario.buoninfante at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 11:41:45 CEST 2020


I'm really glad to announce the release of r_cycle, a project I've been
working on recently, initially presented at the end of last year in London
in the form of a workshop.
r_cycle is a Pd (Vanilla) library developed to work with Launchpads (old
and new) that can also be used for other purposes (of course it's open
r_cycle allows users to interact with the Launchpad controllers and create
widgets on the device on-the-fly.
For example in your Pd patch you create a [KEYBOARD] object and this will
appear on the Launchpad, you delete the object in Pd and this disappears on
the Launchpad. You press a pad that is part of the widget and the object
returns some value in Pd.
The arguments of the object determine its characteristics (position, pitch,
color, etc.).
r_cycle doesn't only include "widgets" but audio and MIDI objects as well,
simple things that made my life easier and I thought would be worth sharing.
You can find more info here:
and a simple introduction video here: https://vimeo.com/442976991

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