[PD] deken and pd -noprefs

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Aug 25 09:36:01 CEST 2020

On 24.08.20 17:20, cyrille henry wrote:
> i'm on ubuntu linux 18.04
> pd 0.51.0

are you sure about the Pd-version?

my interpretation of the issue you see is:

0. there has been a single change to the deken package format; the
minimum deken version required for the new package format is deken-0.3.0.
luckily, the deken-server knows about this; if it detects that you are
using an older version of deken, it will always suggest to upgrade deken
it  tries hard to nudge the user into upgrading deken (without actually
forcing them). this is why you get a capital letter warning "MINIMUM
this is really true: if you are using an old version of deken, you will
not see any new-style packages (because deken cannot ectract them anyhow).

1. you are using an older version of Pd, that comes with deken<<0.3.1
(sidenote: Ubuntu-18.04 comes with Pd-0.48-1 preinstalled [1]; Pd-0.48-1
includes deken-0.2.4 [2]

2. a while ago, you have followed the instructions and installed the
updated deken package.
now updating deken does not overwrite the existing source code in the Pd
application folder, but instead installs a gui-plugin (in the usual
path, where deken installs stuff).
when you start Pd, it will first load the included (outdated)
deken-plugin, and then load the plugin (there's a version check that
prevents an older plugin to overwrite the included one).
so you end up with a new and shiny deken plugin that can find and
install all the nifty nusmuk packages.

3. however, when starting Pd with "-noprefs", you are telling Pd to not
take the "usual" extra-folder into account, where you (or rather: deken)
installed the updated deken-plugin.
this usual extra folder is probably "~/Documents/Pd" or some
self-defined folder (as the usual-usual extra folders like
~/.local/lib/pd/extra are searched regardless of the "-noprefs" flag).
so the updated deken-plugin is neither found nor loaded, sending you
back to square 1 and you can no longer find the new-style deken packages.

there's a couple of ways to fix the problem:
- include the /path/to/the/deken-plugin/ manually in your start-up flags
(e.g. ~/Documents/Pd/deken-plugin/, so you don't get the full
~/Documents/Pd/ search-path but only the portion that you want)
- manually include an updated version of deken into the
application-specific extra folder (it should go e.g into

to conclude: i don't see this as a bug in deken (nor Pd).
(esp. there's nothing *fixable*; new versions of deken (and Pd, which
include a newer version of deken) don't have the problem.


[1] https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/puredata-gui
[2] https://github.com/pure-data/pure-data/blob/0.48-1/tcl/pd_deken.tcl#L62

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