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Bill Purvis bill at billp.org
Sun Jan 17 13:42:07 CET 2021

On 17/01/2021 11:55, Ingo wrote:
> Thanks,
> I had tried [35( with [makefilename %c] before. Needed a [symbol] before
> sending, though.
> When I print (in parallel)  to the console I get C#, when I send to the canvas
> I get C$ on the canvas.
> It has been annoying me for years.
> I don't know if it is a bug in canvas or something that's done on purpose.
> And if it is on purpose how I could make it work?
> I tried C \# or C\# but still get C$.
> I can't be the only one having this issue.
> How does anyone else do this?
> Ingo
Hi Ingo,
I'm a newbie to Pd, using purr-data on Linux. I put together a patch:

[makefilename C%c]
[print C-sharp]

and it seems to work OK for me.
See attached screen-shot.
(slight difference, I connected the symbol box in parallel, rather than 
but I don't see that matters. I haven't worked out how to show that 
using Ascii-art.)


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