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Em dom., 17 de jan. de 2021 às 23:12, Alexandre Torres Porres <
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> No objection in using music fonts, on the contrary, and I just wanted to
> know what is a good/easy one to tell people to install.

It seems the best and easy ones to install I found so far is FreeSerif and

I mentioned Bravura as the only one I found out there, not sure about any
> other option.

Bravura was a pain to install, seems more powerful I guess? But FreeSerif
and Symbola get the job done more easily.

My mind is blown with how many symbols this font (DejaVu) has, I had no
> idea, I thought it only had the most usual ones and everything else came
> from "the system". This actually happens with the bass clef that I can see.
> I don't see it in DejaVu (or Menlo), so where is it coming from?

Ok, I know it's coming from somewhere else, and that's not the point.
Maybe a better question is to just make sure that this indeed happens (that
the Pd will look elsewhere in your fonts to see if you have a bass clef or
whatever else is missing in DejaVu). I just wanna get this straight, how it
happens and if it happens in all operating systems, before I tell people
that they can just install something like symbola that they'll be able to
display whole notes and whatnot in iemguis' labels.

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