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João Pais jmmmpais at gmail.com
Sun Feb 14 11:17:53 CET 2021

yes, that is a problem. It can be minimized according to the creation 
order, but from empiric experience in my clicktracker I have 2 dropdown 
menus very near to other menus and gui elements, which don't get 
clicked. Somehow that works fine there. I could try to find out why and 
add it to the help patch.

I think when jp.menu was launched, someone suggested a global switch, so 
that it assures all other menus stay closed when one is open.

And one problem will always be that the programmer must reserve space in 
the canvas for a full expanded menu - unless he/she does a dynamic 
canvas, based on the menu's dimensions and list size.

> I found an important difference between [guilla/dropdownMenu] and
> [jmmmp/jp.menu]. The former uses sliders as buttons while the latter
> uses scalars of data structures. The problem with sliders is that (like
> any other regular GUI widget in Pd) the lowest one gets the click if
> there is an overlap. When [dropdownMenu] is placed right on top of
> other GUI stuff, in expanded view you can either not click the items or
> you cannot see them, depending on which order [dropdownMenu] was
> created relative to the other stuff. Thus, [dropdownMenu] doesn't help
> in saving screen estate.
> It seems with expanded view of [jp.menu] covering other stuff, you can
> still click the listed items, though the widgets below gets the click,
> too. It's not ideal, but one can at least "protect" other stuff by
> registering whether [jp.menu] is expanded or not.
> It turns out it's a science to get this right.
> Roman
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