[PD] list item picker widget - [declare] lib paths

Dan Wilcox danomatika at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 14:09:51 CET 2021

I don't know if this is purely "canonical", but this is how it works:

The Document's path was added to provide a default location for deken to download externals, ~/Documents/Pd. It is purely optional but builds on the existing search path functionality. The idea is help beginners manage search paths and move away from installing stuff to extra or ~/pd-externals, etc. It is implemented as a gui plugin which is included with Pd. The source is in the Pd tcl folder.

If the Documents path is used, an "externals" subfolder is created and added to the search paths, so installing something via deken, should only require [declare] -path and/or -lib for usage. Basically, if an abstraction-only library is in ~/Documents/Pd/externals ala ~/Documents/Pd/externals/extname, then it should be found with [declare -path extname] assuming the user is using the Documents path *and* has installed the "extname" external to the default location via deken. You can, of course, manually add external folders as well.

Additionally, you can restrict declare to only look in relative paths when adding folders relative to a patch by prepending  . or .. to the beginning, ie [declare -path ./extname] will only look for a folder named "extname" in the same folder as the patch, without looking in any of the user or "standard" search paths.

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>>> I'm not quite sure what the canonical declaration style is, -lib/-
>>> path or -stdlib/-stdpath. I guess the former will work better for
>>> Pd's own default setup.
>> I should say this is true since 0.50 or so. Before that, -stdlib/-
>> stdpath was the common thing to use.
> What would be then the canonical now, no "-std"? I can change that 
> easily in my patches, but would be good to have it confirmed.

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