[PD] list item picker widget - [declare] lib paths

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Tue Feb 16 14:37:19 CET 2021

Thanks for the full picture, Dan.

I guess the main point is that when Pd users go along the defaults,
they need patches to use -path and -lib. 

Even more, -lib and -path _also_ work for stuff installed in any of the
standard search paths like <pd-dir>/extra. Assuming that people use a
recent version of Pd, there can be no harm in using -lib and -path.
They cover more use cases. Thus, I'd say using -lib and -path should be
considered the canonical way of loading libraries.


On Tue, 2021-02-16 at 14:09 +0100, Dan Wilcox wrote:
> I don't know if this is purely "canonical", but this is how it works:
> The Document's path was added to provide a default location for deken
> to download externals, ~/Documents/Pd. It is purely optional but
> builds on the existing search path functionality. The idea is help
> beginners manage search paths and move away from installing stuff to
> extra or ~/pd-externals, etc. It is implemented as a gui plugin which
> is included with Pd. The source is in the Pd tcl folder.
> If the Documents path is used, an "externals" subfolder is created
> and added to the search paths, so installing something via deken,
> should only require [declare] -path and/or -lib for usage. Basically,
> if an abstraction-only library is in ~/Documents/Pd/externals ala
> ~/Documents/Pd/externals/extname, then it should be found with
> [declare -path extname] assuming the user is using the Documents path
> *and* has installed the "extname" external to the default location
> via deken. You can, of course, manually add external folders as well.
> Additionally, you can restrict declare to only look in relative paths
> when adding folders relative to a patch by prepending  . or .. to the
> beginning, ie [declare -path ./extname] will only look for a folder
> named "extname" in the same folder as the patch, without looking in
> any of the user or "standard" search paths.
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> > > > I'm not quite sure what the canonical declaration style is,
> > > > -lib/-
> > > > path or -stdlib/-stdpath. I guess the former will work better
> > > > for
> > > > Pd's own default setup.
> > > I should say this is true since 0.50 or so. Before that,
> > > -stdlib/-
> > > stdpath was the common thing to use.
> > What would be then the canonical now, no "-std"? I can change that 
> > easily in my patches, but would be good to have it confirmed.
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