[PD] size and position of PD window

Sebastian Shader sebfumaster at aol.com
Wed Apr 14 11:05:05 CEST 2021

Idk much about it but It seems like if you knew the port number you could maybe send some message to the gui with [netsend]?perhaps using the -guiport or -guicmd startup flags somehow?
if you can use externals you can send [wm geometry .pdwindow +400+200( to [hcs/sys_gui] (where 400 is x-pixels and 200 is y-pixels)

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* oliver <oliver at klingt.org> [2021-04-14 10:21]:
> hi, dear list !
> is there a way to change the PD-console-window's position and size with a
> message form within a patch ?
None known to me, but I hope the others have an idea.

Nevertheless, if you are on Linux, there is ways to change the
properties of X windows after they were created with tools such as
xdotool, wmctrl, etc.

cheersz, P

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