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Well, I can think of applications that have a preference for which *screen* to open a window on (fullscreen video output for instance) but not one with a preference for specifying x, y, w, & h of a window to open. This kind of geometry setting can also be fragile as you change the amount of monitors in your setup, etc. I would therefore argue this is not a basic setting and it's also not trivial to try to divine what settings all users *might* want and then add a UI for them. OTOH if you have a working technical solution, feel free to make a PR to the Github repo for review.

IOhannes' solution is by far the best: If you want to run some TCL to customize things, then do so *and* without having to modify Pd tcl files. :)

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> Why? Because it seems like a basic setting, and it would be trivial to implement as a preference. This seems (to me) like just what preferences are for, configuring the basic environment of Pd.

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