[PD] PdDroidParty MIDI question

enrike altern2 at gmail.com
Sat May 1 10:37:48 CEST 2021


I want to conect a MIDI keyboad to PdDroidParty using a USB to usb type 
c connector, but I am not sure if I am missing some step. I created a 
patch that reads notin and sends a message with the note number to a 
PdDroidParty numberbox. This is working fine in the computer I can see 
the number changing as I press the MIDI keyboard's keys.

Then I install the patch into my phone and run PdDroidParty. The patch 
opens but it does not seem to connect to the keybord. I read in the docs 

"Once you have plugged in your MIDI device and loaded a PdDroidParty 
path, use the menu to enable access to the device in the software."

but which menu is this one? I cannot see or access any menu in the 
PdDroidParty app.

The keyboard works with an app called MIDIkeyboard I installed in my 
phone. In that one I have to select my keyboard in a menu that pops from 
a button inside the app in order to connect the keyboard to the app.



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