[PD] Pd files on Linux: MIME type and (document) icons

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From my side, there is no confusion: this was a separate repo for getting feedback on the updated icon. The finished icon renders were then added to the Pd source repo. I didn't see the need for putting everything in the main repo when the icon is likely not to change for a long time after.

The mime type handling etc should be part of the auto tools set up or some sort of Linux/frteedesktop script in the main repo, probably in the platform specific linux folder with appropriate documentation. If it's a makefile, it could be located there with the needed build rules which are only applied on the needed platform, ie. `make mimetype`, and would be installed with the other files as needed (if they go into a generic free desktop-y location).

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> Hi all -
> This appears to be a PR to https://github.com/pure-data/pd-icon <https://github.com/pure-data/pd-icon> - but htere
> seems to be confusion as to whether this should be part of pure data itself.
> I think it wound be fine to have it in pure data - but I don't know if I should
> just grab the files and stick them in pure-data or if that would cause trouble
> somehow.
> cheers
> M

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