[PD] external libraries for Raspberry Pi - how to compile?

Ingo ingo at miamiwave.com
Sun Sep 12 03:36:24 CEST 2021

I'm aware of the fact that pretty much anything can be replaced.
For compatibility reasons I have to stick with Pd 0.49, though . . .

My dilemma is that I have written over 13 years on this software. It's huge.
Finding and replacing all objects that don't work anymore will take me at 
least several months doing nothing else.
Without iemlib and iemgui working nothing even loads for starting up the 
This stuff had been written more than 10 years ago and I used whatever was 
working at this time.

The very first errors I get are

couldn't create

... couldn't create

Then loading stops already at less than 1% of the software being loaded.
If I don't get any further I'm stuck. iemlib objects are all over the software 
with thousands of abstractions.

When I install iemlib with "apt-get install pd-iemlib" it installs that 
patches and help files but all the .pd_linux files are missing.
Same thing with Deken. So, none of the objects are created.

The only way to get this running is by compiling the last non working 
libraries - mainly iemlib for now to get some loading at all.
Then I can go ahead and replace or fix things.

However, I have never compiled any libraries before - I don't even know 
whether iemlib can be compiled on the RPi at all.
Should be possible, though since there is a version on Deken - it just doesn't 
work here.

It's a brand-new operating system and I don't know which softwares to install 
for compiling and there are next to zero instructions on the iemlib source 

I cannot find any detailed and - more important - complete instructions for 
generally compiling libraries.
All instructions assume that I already know how to compile libraries and that 
I have installed all needed software.
But it's a brand new system with NOTHING is installed.
And even worse I have no idea what to do if anything goes wrong or if nothing 
at all happens.

If someone can point me to general instruction or a compiled version of iemlib 
for the RPi I'd be extremely grateful !


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> >Thanks, IOhannes!
> >
> >Using apt-get took care of most except for iemgui, moocow and toxy.
> >
> What exact objects do you need from those ?
> >
> >
> >iemlib is as always incomplete!
> That's strange. I recall it being complete the last time i used a Pi...
> I. e. some objects don?t create like e.g.
> >[mergefilename], [stripfilename], [splitfilename], etc.
> >
> With recent PD versions you don't need an object like [mergefilename]
> anymore. You can do basically anything with simple combinations of [symbol]
> [pack] [list] and messages.
> Also have a look at the HCS library. That should cover your needs !
> Best
> Oliver
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