[PD] external libraries for Raspberry Pi - how to compile?

oliver at klingt.org oliver at klingt.org
Sat Sep 11 15:39:23 CEST 2021

Am 11. September 2021 15:12:04 MESZ schrieb Ingo <ingo at miamiwave.com>:
>Thanks, IOhannes!
>Using apt-get took care of most except for iemgui, moocow and toxy.

What exact objects do you need from those ?

>iemlib is as always incomplete! 

That's strange. I recall it being complete the last time i used a Pi...

I. e. some objects don’t create like e.g.
>[mergefilename], [stripfilename], [splitfilename], etc.

With recent PD versions you don't need an object like [mergefilename] anymore. You can do basically anything with simple combinations of [symbol] [pack] [list] and messages.

Also have a look at the HCS library. That should cover your needs !




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