[PD] '$0' in messages again, another proposal?

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Dec 2 23:51:43 CET 2021

On 12/2/21 23:34, Christof Ressi wrote:
> Personally, I often use $0 in large "initializer" message boxes:
> [;$0-foo 10
> ;$0-bar 50
> ;$0-baz 10
> etc.(
> I like this better than creating dozens of individual [s] objects. The 
> workaround is to use $1 instead and pass the $0 from a [float] object, 
> but yeah...

i tend to prefer [list append $0] (or [symbol $0-buf] if in can be more 
specific) over [float $0], keeping the type of $0 opaque.

but anyhow, i personally have stopped using those large initializer 
mgxboxes long long ago - probably *because* they don't expand $0; but 
probably also because:
- if there's only a single init-state, i initialize within the object s 
(or nearby) rather than with a msgbox "somewhere else".
. if there's multiple init-states, i'd just go for a file-based state 
saver, and solve the problem entirely different.

> It's also an issue when I want to create a message like this:
> [read media/$1-$2.wav $0-buf-l $0-buf-r(

well yes. that's te [soundfiler] use case i acknowledged.
>>> Whenever we need "$0" for a send name, 
>> then i tyically use [send $0-foo], where there's no msgbox involved at 
>> all. 
> The message box syntax is often more convenient:
> [;$0-array const $1(
> Of course, I could just as well write
> [const $1( -> [s $0-array]
> but people are lazy :-)

how much lazy?

i find the latter more readable than the former for anything but 
idiosyncratic sending-msgboxes like [; pd dsp 1(
so i'm totally fine with having an additional multiky-stroke (afaict 
it's really only a single Ctrl+1 that youhave to type more. and on my 
german keyboard i prefer typing "s" over ";")

> IMO it is a real pain point. Otherwise this topic wouldn't come up again 
> and again...

does it?
there are obviously *some* people who feel a real pain and articulate it.
it seems the Pd-list community is not very much into likes (and i myself 
are not on fb so i don't know what is happening over there), but your PR 
received 3 thumbs up.
this is not exactly bad for our upvotes, but...
maybe the pained people could just head over and upvote.

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