[PD] simple dynamic instancing and connection of abstractions

Scott R. Looney scottrlooney at gmail.com
Wed Dec 8 13:31:03 CET 2021

hi folks, since Alexander was just covering dynamic patching in PD on the
puredata.info site i thought i might inquire about options for dynamic
patching. i've perused a few libraries like iemguts, and a new one called
clj-puredata using Clojure. i sent this to the dev about my use case and i
thought i'd post it here for some advice:

i want the player/user to be able to dynamically add or remove instruments
from a patch that is already loaded, in a live performance situation.

i'm planning to have a master module patch with 8 slots for 8 instruments
with approximately 10 control inlets and 2 signal outlets. i have currently
3 unique instruments to load, and planning on more. all of the instruments
have exactly the same amount of inlets/outlets. all i need to do is load
them up, hook the I/O up to the slot, and delete them when desired. the
instruments will be abstractions, not subpatches.

i would just need a way for the slot to know when an abstraction is loaded
or deleted. i can uniquely name each slot if that would work better for
this, though i could probably have a flag, number or string indicating what
state the slot is in - like 'add', 'remove', 'active' and 'disabled' or

i have briefly watched a bit of the Youtube video on dynamic patching, but
rather than roll my own i thought i'd inquire about libraries or externals
that could handle it. i think iemguts can handle the querying it seems, but
the docs don't make it clear how objects (abstractions) are instanced and
deleted or connected. i don't need to move anything - just load and connect
an abstraction directly under a slot or delete it. any help appreciated!

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