[PD] [PD-announce] libpd powered instrument plugin: EXC!TE SNARE DRUM

Max abonnements at revolwear.com
Wed Dec 22 00:51:47 CET 2021

Dear Pd community,

in July this year, we, The Center for Haptic Audio Interaction Research 
(CHAIR for short), released a VST3i plug-in: EXC!TE SNARE DRUM. It's an 
exciter-resonator physical modelling snare drum syth. The exciter can be 
triggered via MIDI. The plug-in is a free download.

In the PRO version of the plug-in (20€), on top of the MIDI triggers 
there is an audio sidechain which allows direct excitation of the 
waveguide resonator.
Video here:

The VST3/AU is built using Steinberg's VST3 SDK and libpd. Yes, the 
audio synthesis is done in Pd.
We are quite happy with the overall performance and negligible CPU 
overhead. We were able to run 70 instances of the plug-in before we 
started to hear dropouts. Nobody needs 70 parallel snares :)

The core of the audio synthesis is open source, in fact you can open Pd, 
search for "CHAIR" in Deken and get the example patches with the snare 
drum sound.

There is also a paper about the algorithm: "Efficient Snare Drum Model 
for Acoustic Interfaces with Piezoelectric Sensors"
A bit longer story of the plug-in development can be read in our journal 
article: "EXC!TE SNARE DRUM — Making an Audio Plugin with Pure Data 
inside" both are to be found here:

We are thankful that we were able to build upon the work which has gone 
into Pd (and libpd on top of that). If you have contributed Pd or libpd 
in any form and would like to try the PRO version of the plug-in, please 
send me a quick email.

Thank you Miller, Dan, IOhannes, Peter, Pierre, Christof, Antoine and 
everyone else.

Max (+ Clemens, Philipp and Sebastian)

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